Friday, March 25, 2011

About ME!

Age: 26. 27 in June
Bed Size: Cal King. I have a German Shepherd and husband who dont know how to sleep on their half.
Chore You Hate: All of them. Mostly gardening or picking up dog poop, oh and folding laundry!
Dogs: Yep, just 1
Essential Start of Your Day: hitting the snooze alarm at least 3 times
Favorite Color: Pink
Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5'8"
Instruments I Play: None now. I used to play violin
Job Title: Human Resources Coordinator, CA Region
Kids: None
Live: Bay Area, CA
Mom's Name: Tami
Nicknames: Nunu, Noni.
Overnight Hospital Stays: 4ish. I had breast reduction surgery and didn't move around after surgery, developed a blood clot in my lung and pneumonia in the the other. MOVE PEOPLE, MOVE!!!
Pet Peeve: Loud breathing, toothpaste in the sink, annoying people, slow walkers...I am a pretty irritable person, lol
Right or Left Handed: Right
Siblings: 2 step brothers, both older
Time You Wake Up: First alarm goes off at 5:50am, I finally roll out of bed at 6:15am
Underwear: I am cheap, I wear thongs from Target.
Veggie You Dislike: all I only eat salad :( What Makes You Run Late: sleep, or my husband, he is always late!!
X-Rays You Have Had: my knee, back, and wrist
Yummy Food You Make: Chicken or Pork Scallopini, Chipotle Mac n Cheese, I can make a mean grilled cheese.
Zoo Animal You Like Best: big cats (lions, tigers, pumas)

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  1. Hey--I've been looking into getting a breat reduction surgery for a few years (at 36F, it really seems necessary) there anything you can tell me about the surgery? Good things about it? Bad things?

    I have a few friends that have gotten it, but I'm ALWAYS looking for a few more points of view. Especially since my ex told me his friends breasts GREW BACK to a very large size.