Friday, March 25, 2011


So I feel like such a slacker when it comes to posting. I am never good at this whole thing. With dieting I keep feeling like I am hitting a brick wall, but I am happy to admit that this self-proclaimed, extremely picky eater as opened up her repertoire of food even more the last few weeks. This is my first time attempting at meatless Fridays for Lent, my husband is Catholic--I am not. In past years I would eat my juicy burger in front of him without an ounce of guilt; however, this year I thought I would give up meat for dinners for Fridays. Which I know for some people you think REALLY?? Thats not hard, but 99.9% of my dinners consist of chicken and some sort of fruit. So two weeks ago I tried Morning Star Chickn Patties, which weren't that bad and the Points+ value was only 4 so not horrible for a breaded fake chicken patty. It didn't taste bad! A year ago I wouldn't have even thought of tasting it, let alone eating 2 patties. It tasted like a bland chicken nugget, so I would definitely add seasoning or some kind of sauce to spice it up.
So tonight I tasted Boca Burgers, these were actually REALLLLYYY good, much better than the Morning Star and even tasted like beef. So I am definitely proud of my willingness to try new things lately.
As for the gym I have really slacked these last 3 days and not gone and just laid in bed after work. It has been pouring down rain here in the Bay Area, CA and has definitely made me not want to do anything, let alone try and run and the gym. So I feel like a total slacker and a downward spiral. I feel like a slacker so I slack by not going making me feel like more of a slacker... But I feel really proud of myself in my strength. My personal trainer had us do a 300 workout and I was amazed that I could do push-ups and box jumps. I was so scared to even attempt to jump on the box, but my trainer held my hand lol and I did it. Shocked myself.

For this weekend it is my husband's best friend's fiance's bachelorette party. We are going to Napa and going wine tasting. I am really torn about the whole experience, I really don't want to drive Napa, let alone drink extra calories in wine which will lead to me snacking and inevitably eating some crap I really shouldn't. UGH what we do for friends, this is going to take a lot of willpower.

Another note, my best friend is almost 6 months pregnant and we just found out that Matt's long time friend for Catholic school is also pregnant. I have definitely been hearing my biological clock ticking a lot louder. I find myself searching at Nursery room themes and furniture and then I freak out about the cost of a baby and wonder if its ever going to work. Another thing that freaks me out and I feel horrible for saying, is that I am putting so much work into losing weight and while as slow as it is it makes me appreciate all the hard work even more. A baby is just going to add more weight I am afraid of becoming "fat" once again..

So yes I may not have been posting but there has a lot been going on in my life. On a "lighter" note I am officially down 11.6lbs to a 231.4. I am afraid to weigh in tomorrow as like I mentioned above I haven't been working out to much and I think I could have incorporated more fruit into my diet this week, but I am determined to start fresh on Sunday; even though I will be missing my weigh in  tomorrow.

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