Friday, April 1, 2011

10 week Challenge

So as many of my readers know I started a 10 week challenge with a personal trainer and nutrition plan. At the end of 10wks I only lost 10lbs which I was really disappointed in, but I did lose a total of 9 inches. 5 inches from my waist, 1 inch from my thigh, 1/2 from my calf, 1/2 from my arm and 2 from my hips. Which I do have to be impressed with even with my lack of a high number of lbs.

I have been getting really discouraged the last two weeks. I have not been watching my points and I have not been motivated to go to the gym. Sometimes I feel that just being fat would be so much easier. I have been at this for almost 4 months and only have 10lbs lost, its so discouraging.

Wish I could be more positive at the moment, but that is all I have.


  1. 9 INCHES IS CRAZY GOOD! You should be super pumped about that! It's not fair on yourself you be down on yourself on goals you haven't reached if you're not going to congratulate yourself on goals you have reached! Inches lost is an awesome thing! Congrats!

    Stick with it and the scale will follow...eventually. :D

  2. Wish you luck with your weight loss. 9" is GREAT !!!!!

    You sound similar to me. I want instant number results. I've lost 26 lbs since January 2011. It's been a long haul and I still have another 20 lbs to go, but each lb lost is one more I don't have to worry about..ha ha.. The number would be higher if I was more active and didn't cheat as much as I do....but as my husband says "life happens"....don't beat yourself up and don't give up.